Life After Anal Leakage


To my knowledge, my worrying about whether my butt smells like shit is nearly gone, if not already. Before, I used to wipe my ass after I had sweat profusely and find brown marks and a hint of feces. This may be over. After drinking tons of water daily, increasing physical activity, and getting medication to help my bowel movements along, I am not finding any more leakage. (My doctor prescribed two bottles of polyethylene glycol for constipation.)

Although I still find brown marks on the toilet paper even if I did not take a deuce, the smell doesn't smell like feces but what I assume to be sweat.

To the people that have overcame this problem I ask this question: How do you know when your days of smelling like feces are over?

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3 Comments on "Life After Anal Leakage"

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So, do you always smell the paper after you wipe your cornhole?

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Your doctor prescribed radiator fluid for you, and you aren't dead yet? You should be proud.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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After the P.E. you now have a Teflon lined digestive tract.

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