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The Joy (And Importance) Of Pooping
Submitted by daphne
April 22, 2005, 75 Comments

I've been absent from PoopReport for over a month now. It hasn't been a purposeful absence. But it has been an absence of unfortunate dramatic proportion due to a nasty little viral pneumonia bug that's floated around the vicinity of Ft. Lewis like a desperate single-scene malcontent at closing...

A Trio Of Travel Issues
Submitted by The Big Wiper
December 8, 2004, 46 Comments

A recent round-trip flight from Memphis to Los Angeles for a weekend national sales conference in Santa Monica exposed me to a wide variety of bathroom experiences in transit -- issues of interest to this website that I don't think we've ever discussed. I decided my observations and the issues...

We're So Gross
Submitted by Kameron Shintors
October 6, 2004, 63 Comments

I personally think, along with many other people, that this is a waste of time, money, etc. You people make me sick, that you would actually post a website about feces (or as you like to call it, "poop"). I read one article from here to prove my point, and it was that of Hairy Pooter's, or...

Submitted by Thunderturds Are Go
April 22, 2004, 50 Comments

Some of this may come as a shock to you, but I would like the PoopReporting world to know the true story, at least anonymously. I know I have not been an official PoopReporter for very long; however, I need to tell someone, and anonymously is the only way I can tell this one. It began about a...

PoopReporter of the Year 2005
Submitted by Dave
December 20, 2003, 0 Comments

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Responding To Critics
Submitted by Dave
April 1, 2003, 35 Comments

For the past few weeks, one surly curmudgeon has been responding to PoopReport articles with grumpy skepticism of the veracity of stories, and indeed of the universal merit of this site. To wit: Hmmp says: "I'm sorry that my words of truth hurt you people. It is sad to see that so many...

The Tiled Library
Submitted by Anonymous
November 15, 2002, 35 Comments

Editor's Note: This discussion first appeared on The Poop Forums. Chip Brown says: I think it was Clustersnarf who used the term "tiled library". Anyway, it got me thinking about reading materials in the shitter. At my house, we installed a magazine rack next to the shitter. I usually read...

Star Wars Poop Names
Submitted by PJbrownstuff
November 13, 2002, 34 Comments

Editor's Note: This discussion first appeared on The Poop Forums. PJbrownstuff says: What about poop-Star Wars names? Spewbacca (Spewy) Luke Skydumper C3-PU R2-Doo-Doo Storm-Poopers PJbrownstuff says: thought of some more: Boba Fart Oh-Be-Want-to-Poopy Han Colon Di Uhreea says: Jar-Jar...

PoopReport 1955: Dear Miss Mannerisms
Submitted by Miss Mannerisms
April 1, 1955, 26 Comments

Editor's note: fifty years ago today, PoopReport was born. Since so many more people are using the Internet today than were back then, I thought most of you wouldn't mind if I ran this again. I am proud to present PoopReport's first ever article, published on April 1, 1955, back when this website...

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