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When Wiping Goes Wrong
Submitted by MSG
October 30, 2008, 27 Comments

I just had a nice normal poop (though most of it floated), of which a piece apparently attached itself to my right buttcheek maybe an inch from my anus. I couldn't feel it because it was, of course, at body temperature. First wipe got my anus adequately -- but it also gave me a big splodge of...

Today Is 2008 The Summer Stoolstice
Submitted by Dave
June 21, 2008, 8 Comments

The big day is here. June 21st, by dint of Heaven and the alignment of the planets, is the longest day of the year; and for PoopReporters, it's the day of the year we strive to have the longest poop. How did it go for you?

The Responsibility For Cat Poop
Submitted by betty
June 9, 2008, 35 Comments

My sister and I still laugh our heads off when we reminisce about our childhood days and how our mom would rid the backyard of dookies left by our family dog: she went around with a garden trowel, scooping up poop and flinging it over the fence onto the busy road on the other side. Occasionally we...

Stall Stalkers On Faculty
Submitted by Civil Libertari...
April 10, 2008, 95 Comments

Editor's note: this was posted as a comment on this page. I thought it should be presented here. My daughter, a junior in high school, complains about stall-stalking faculty members. Sometimes they will spend up to five or ten seconds outside each stall peeking in on the user. I know that one of...

Happy Birthday, Artful Dodger!!!!!
Submitted by Bilgepump
March 25, 2008, 54 Comments

My friend, Artful Dodger, is 33 today! Happy birthday, Buddy!!!!! I'm probably gonna get in trouble for abusing my posting powers, but hopefully not until after April 2, when another of our long time loved ones will be celebrating a similar event.

The Truth About Toilet Seats?
Submitted by Ryan from Virb
March 18, 2008, 62 Comments

I'm writing a post on my blog about toilet seat surfaces. There's been a common saying in American culture in the past few years that toilet seats are cleaner then door handles, keyboards, etc. I'm writing the opposite: that no matter how much scientific proof tells me that toilet seats are...

Another Year Passing...
Submitted by Dave
December 31, 2007, 26 Comments

So tell us: what was your most memorable bathroom experience of 2007?

Thanksgiving Weekend Open Forum
Submitted by Dave
November 23, 2007, 25 Comments

It's the most important day of the year, as far as massive poops go. How was yours?

The Fekos Archipelago
Submitted by Coby
November 9, 2007, 17 Comments

Let's start a virtual world called The Fekos Archipelago. It's pretty easy to extrapolate from there: the names of the islands, governmental structure, economic structure, biggest imports and exports, military, climate, international treaties and disputes, favorite sports, national heroes, popular...

The Geography Of Farts
Submitted by The Shit Volcano
September 7, 2007, 59 Comments

I have lived in five different states and nine different cities in my lifetime, and I have to say in that some places the farts are stinkier than others. Could it be the water? The local cultural foods? Or maybe even the weather? I don't know for sure; I just know that it happens. Probably the...

The Poophole's Choice Awards
Submitted by Chocolate and V...
August 30, 2007, 30 Comments

These results are solely my own, so I don't know if they'd work the same way for others. But they are interesting nonetheless... kind of like poop academy awards... Product that creates the worst scent coming out: Vanilla Slim Fast Shakes Product that creates the best scent coming out: Honey Nut...

A Spoonful Of Oil?
Submitted by Dave
April 5, 2007, 25 Comments

Perhaps you've ready Motherload's advice today to make sure you've got oil in your diet. This letter by GrandMasterCrap takes it one step further. "I have found that certain foods promote a smooth and debris-free wiping experience. I recommend eating more fruit and fiber. Preferably more apples...

The #2-Liner Hall Of Fame
Submitted by Hieronymous Bowels
March 9, 2007, 54 Comments

For some reason, I don't seem to have much in the way of scatological memories. Oh, sure, there have been a few here and there, like the time that someone messed with the hot sauce at my favorite wing place and my hemorrhoids swelled up like gooseberries, or the time I drank too much apple juice...

The Yuletide Log: A Christmas Open Forum
Submitted by Dave
December 25, 2006, 65 Comments

Once you get sick about talking about family stuff, use this forum to talk about poop. Happy holidays!

Thanksgiving Open Forum
Submitted by Dave
November 23, 2006, 37 Comments

Since there won't be many updates until Monday, here's a space for poop chit-chat. I'll start: I'm thankful for the familiar press of my childhood toilet on my grown-up butt. Ahh, home.

Are You Making Bathroomtime Fun?
Submitted by Logjam
July 28, 2006, 63 Comments

I'm sure that every guy, at least when he was younger, has done a fair amount of playful peeing -- painting a picture on the ground, going long, wetting the shoe of a good friend. Even now, when I'm peeing at home, I'll flush the toilet before I'm finished, trying to time it so that my final push...

Turning To Turd Terrorism
Submitted by Dave
June 6, 2006, 83 Comments

Well over a year ago, Tydirium read a poop report about a man who met turd terrorism with some turd terrorism of his own. After a few PoopReporters lauded the man's actions, Tydirium asked: "Is PoopReport's official dogma 'an eye for an eye, a turd for a turd?' Does turd terrorism justify rectal...

The Power Of The Nose
Submitted by Dave
January 9, 2006, 52 Comments

Stankmak emailed PoopReport with this simple declaration: "i wonder why my friends dont understand that if you fart and you dont want anyone else to smell it, that you can smell it up to prevent its spread." PoopReporters: your thoughts?

Doniker Returns
Submitted by doniker
December 2, 2005, 54 Comments

I believe that most people have two totally different personalities. I feel that most of us spend a big part of our days walking around acting like we're friendly, polite, politically correct people -- while on the inside we are really thinking our true thoughts. For example: if an old woman bumps...

PoopReport Open Forum (10/10/05)
Submitted by Dave
October 10, 2005, 44 Comments

The worst part of a road trip is the long drive home. I'm about to embark on an 8-hour journey in a cramped car with four women (life is rough, I know), so I don't have time for an update. However, I thought I'd try something new: an open forum. Use this space to talk about anything poop related...

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