Is It Easier Being A Woman If You Need To Poop?

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Dave P. writes,

"As a forty year-old man I find it is much easier to poo in public restrooms if you are a female. The trouble with male cubicles is that there are never enough of them, and often there is not enough toilet paper. Being a man is fine if you just have to pee, but I say "Forget it!" if you need to poop.

"I think the people who design male toilets forget that we guys also have to poop and don't want to hold it in for hours on end. My wife poops twice a day and has no problem finding a public loo. It is not always the same for me. Let me know what you think."

Well, what do you think? How often do you men find that you have to wait to take a dump in a public restroom, whether it is one in an office building, retail store, or restaurant of any kind? Do you females ever find yourselves in a situation where all of the stalls are taken, and you have to wait as well? And just how often does this Dave P. go into public as a female?

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10 Comments on "Is It Easier Being A Woman If You Need To Poop?"

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So what are your thoughts, Daphne? As a woman, have you ever had a problem finding a loo when you need a poop? I bet the answer is no.

Dave P

P.S. For the record, I don't go into female loos but base my thought on women I know.

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I know, Dave; I was just teasing you.

And to answer your question, I probably wait in line to use a restroom stall about once every two or three months. It usually happens at a restaurant, both sit-down and fast food-types, and the wait is usually one minute or so. The only time I remember every constantly having to wait to pee was when we used to go to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh to see musicals or plays. During intermission the line was two or three minutes long, but it seemed like it lasted forever.

Oh, and at concerts. Concerts are porta-potty hell, regardless of what sex one is.

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I'm a woman and I've never had an issue, but then again, I rarely if ever have to poop in public. I am so regular that I almost always go at home, first thing in the morning. However, I think it would be harder if you were a man--everyone pretty much knows you're pooping if you're in a stall vs. a urinal, plus there are only one or two stalls per restroom.

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That may be true that we have no problem finding stalls, but unfortunately there's this huge stigma when it comes to pooping (for women). When I used to live at the college dormitory the bathroom used to have a radio constantly playing loud music for the specific purpose of muffling out the poop noise.

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If you go to certain sorts of concerts, the toilets are never a problem: symphony, chamber music, recitals, etc. Now the opera is something else: Sometimes the acts are an hour long, the crowds are fairly large (2500 in one local venue here), and there are certainly lines as people go to empty their bladders (rarely bowels) between acts. If it's Mozart, usually there's no problem; but in Wagner or Verdi the acts are longer. However, I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to pee (and rarely that long), and I can remember only once having to poop at an opera performance, and the wait was fortunately very brief. I have never had the experience of waiting for a porta-potty to open at an outdoor concert; I shall have to broaden my range to include such events.

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I have pooped in many public places, and with little problems of not finding one. But this is Los Angeles, where one can practically poop in two public stalls at the same time in two different restaurants.

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Mostly I think it goes for the same to be woman or a man when you have to poop. But there is one situation when there may be a slight difference I think. That is when feeling the urge when staying outdoor (e.g. hiking) and having no other choice than visiting the nature's restroom. I guess most outdoor enthusiasts know all about it. No door to lock, trying to find a secluded spot where you think you might get a minute or two of privacy, the embarrassing feeling if caught short, not to say the moment of shame if you walk in on one of your friends, intruding their desire for privacy. Well, to get to the point. When a woman is squatting you can not know if she is doing #1 or #2, but if it is a man you can for sure know his objective. Should it be an issue of concern? Certainly not. But still a lot of stories could be told but I shall spare you for them.

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I used to be a shameful shitter. I don't go around telling anyone when I have to pee or poop but I don't mind it in public anymore. In the Men's room it is pretty telling when someone is pooping since they are sitting down. I just go ahead and do it now without a worry since everyone has to. As for the hiking question. If I have to go outside then I do and if someone sees me then so be it. I will survive, move on and enjoy myself.

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Wow what a topic!

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I once had a bad urge to shit at work. As I walked to the bathroom, an older work colleague walked into the bathroom in front of me. Just as I was about to go I heard a splash coming from the stall next to mine and a couple of seconds later I made a splash. When we were both washing our hands at the sink she looked at me and gave me an embarrassing smile.

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