Tube-Free Toilet Paper: Love It Or Hate It?

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This past week I bought my first package of tube-free toilet paper from Scott Toilet Paper. Scott is the brand I usually go to now, but only if I can find products from their Naturals brand. (I think regular Scott Toilet Paper is a thin sham, and it scratches my butt.)

I love the tubeless variety and will most likely buy it whenever I can from now on. I was worried that it might not spin on the holder well enough, but that is not an issue in the least. In fact, I cannot tell the difference until I get to the end of the roll, at which point it resembles more of an elongated clover shape than anything round. We have less trash, and I do like that. What did I ever need the tubes for? I used 16 of them to make the segmented arms of a homemade spider Halloween costume for my kids once upon a time. Oh, and when we had hamsters and mice, the little critters enjoyed crawling around in them. But we always have paper towel tubes for these types of frivolities, don't we?

No, it seems that toilet paper tubes are not really necessary. And if you scroll down to the middle of the Scott Pledge page, you can see how many pounds of garbage these tubes make by the second. It is a staggering amount.

What has been your experience, Poopers? Have any of you taken the tubeless pledge?

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2 Comments on "Tube-Free Toilet Paper: Love It Or Hate It?"

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No cardboard tube means that countless children across our great country will be denied the simple pleasure of an inexpensive toy. It was a grand experience in my hillbilly childhood to see the toilet paper roll in the outhouse getting low and knowing that we four siblings would soon be fighting for possession of the "rooty-toot-toot."

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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I have just experience the tubeless roll. Have you ever felt the spirit of a sad soul? This roll was expressing its life decisions of going tubeless. Who will use its inner shells for a pintrest fail? Who will have the honor of keeping the tube when they use the last sheet...? Think of the kids in Africa, the tube is the dividing line between a tree branch and an infection. Think of the kids in aftica. #lubestrong

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