Poll: Farting While Cooking ... What?

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Chief Thunderbutt wrote to me last week, with this to say:

I was just in the process of chopping veggies and slicing meat to be marinated and used in a tasty stir fry for this evening's meal when I let fly a couple of delightfully loud farts. My wife, who heard them from the next room, came down on me harshly and accused me of being disgusting. My feelings were hurt and I began wondering if hers was a generally accepted position or if she had judged me too hastily. After all, she has been hearing, and occasionally smelling, such occurrences for almost 49 years now.

Chief submitted a poll, and you can find it here: Do you think a cook should abstain from farting while others who will be eating the meal are within hearing distance?

Well, go on... Click the link, vote, and talk about!

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