T-shirt Contest 2011

You could win$50 + A t-shirt with your winning design

Are you artsy? Do you enjoy drawing cartoons on the bathroom walls?Or, rather, are you just moderately comfortable drawing stick figures?Do you have absolutely no artistic talent at all? No matter! Evenif you just like to sniff markers in art class for that light-headed
feeling we?ve got the contest for you:

Chris, our website Grand Poobah, has decided to update our tee-shirt designs along with the site's format. Send in your tee-shirt drawings and after a group of venerable Poopreport turds bicker over the best submissions we will post our top choices for you to vote on.

The lucky Leonardo PooVinci whose design receives the most votes will win a fifty dollar cash award and a tee-shirt with the winning design. The runner-up will win a tee-shirt with his or her design as well. The chosen designs will also be available for purchase in our
site Pootique.

So, what are waiting for? Grab some crayons, sharpen those pencils, and warm up that design software, because it's time for you to draw some great shit!

Submit your design

Editor's note: All designs that are submitted for the contest will become the creative property of Poopreport.com (http://www.poopreport.com).