Consumer Reviews: Types Or Plies Of Toilet Paper

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We like buying things at bargain prices, so we get toilet paper in packages of 12 to 36 rolls at a time, both to get it cheaper by the unit and to lay up a supply that lasts a few months, at least. Last time we got a big package; it was 24 rolls of Charmin or the like, nice, thick-textured, two-ply paper. We hadn't meant to get that type, as we usually get Scott or something similar. The soft sweet paper is pleasant to use, though it can come apart when wiping after a sticky bowel movement. While the single ply doesn't break as easily as the double, it requires more sheets. I decided to do some rough-and-ready math, just to compare these two and see how we did financially.

For the Charmin, I require three sheets for the first pad to wipe after pooping; I make an original pass to get the thickest residue off, then fold the paper for another pass. Next pad takes two sheets; same procedure. Occasionally that is enough, but usually it takes a third pass, also of two sheets. Thus, typically, I use seven sheets per bowel movement. Since the roll is about 250 sheets, that allows for about 36 bowel movements. Since I typically go twice a day, that is 18 days' worth. Since the roll costs about 75 cents, I am spending just over three cents a day for toilet paper.

For the Scott, the sheet count-per-pad is four, three, and three for the three sets, or ten sheets per movement. With 1,000 sheets in a roll, that allows 100 movements, or 50 days, per roll. Since Scott costs closer to one dollar per roll, that's two cents a day, which is quite a savings. Last time I bought a store brand at 51 cents per roll, or a penny per day (new meaning for the old phrase "spend a penny").

I don't know how close prices come to that where you are, but I imagine you can figure similar costs per toilet use based on the kind of toilet paper you use. It's good for the mind . . ..

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MSG, are you an athletic guy?

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I always buy the Family Dollar brand of 1000 sheets/roll TP, which costs something like $4 for 8 rolls. My husband and I both use quite a bit of TP and if I buy the "good stuff", it seems like the roll is always running out. I also buy baby wipes to use for the really messy ones. Those really cut down on how much TP you use.

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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I buy quite a bit of "economy" things from Sam's Club and that includes my toilet paper. I never broke it down into the cost of one ass wiping but I imagine that "Members Mark" brand is as cheap as any. It is also reasonably soft and I have never heard a complaint from my butthole, as a mater of fact my wife says she has even heard it trumpet in joy a few times.

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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100 movements per roll on a Scott diet? impressive MSG. I am lucky if one roll of Scott lasts for 10 movements, but we are dealing with a hairy ass on my end, so the envoronmental punishment is much greater. There are some movements that require enough roll that could reprint "On The Road" in scroll-like, teletype style.

Somethin' mysterious made an exit from the gift shop.

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Cool, never thought about my toilet paper use this way....hmmm

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Answering a question above: I'm not especially athletic, especially after recent heart surgery. I do work in the garden (though less than I used to), which involves kneeling, pulling, occasional digging, bending, and the like. I also eat lots of fibrous things, including shredded wheat at least every other day. Chili with kidney beans supplies excellent fiber. I used to walk a lot, I occasionally played golf, and as a youth I was a swimmer for a YMCA team; but those days are long gone. As for the wipes: I also use hemorrhoid wipes, but only rarely; a jar of 100 of them lasts for years. When I do need them (unusually messy movement when I know I haven't gotten my bottom clean enough to avoid itching later), they are excellent (I also use the store-brand Balneol after those wipes, but only after using the t.p.). The economical toilet paper doesn't make me itch, and doesn't usually break or tear, though the plushy stuff does.

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So are you fat? How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

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I have to second the analysis on Scott Tissue. It's strong, durable and most importantly, cost effective. In today's tough economic times one must look out for things that are good for your bottom line.

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I fail to see how that has anything to do with the price of tea in China. I am tiny: 5'3" and 103 lbs and I can out-shit my 6'1", 225 lb husband any day of the week. It's all about how much fiber you eat.

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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I'm 70, close to 6 feet tall and just under 200 pounds; a bit heavy but not fat. As far as I know, these facts have nothing to do with what wiping material works best. I know which ones make me feel the best after use, and that knowledge comes from many years of personal experience.

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Hey all, just to be up-front with you, I am Steve from MB3 personal hygiene, and this is a fine place to "air" my opinions on this exact material, as it has been a daily part of my life "focus/improvement" for over 20 years.
I appreciate your indulgance. (please excuse any typo's as no spellcheck, thanks)
I like MSG's 3 paper style, as it is what I use all the time, just enough, but not too much. Great practical choice.
I prefer the 2 ply, but have had some great 1 ply.
I have also had some 1 ply, like my Mom gets , that I can only imagine folks grab a fistfull of, as it disintigrates almost by looking at it, but must be so septic friendly as far as the material break down goes.
My personal way is to do as MSG, with the use and fold method of 3 sheets, and I do follow with a second run using MB3 (shameless, but honest plug) and only a drop at the upper corner, and wiping up, and follow with a fold and "confirm"
pass. You know what I'm talking about! You want to limit the "smear" factor. That's when it get's more out of control.
I started with wipes after having kids 24 years ago, and their sudden availability in the household. Moved beyond that for what ever personal reason or quest I developed, and moved onto applying Herbal Essences hair conditioner to toilet paper. (lots of time, sometimes, to think in the shitter!)
I did that personally for a long time before thinking about developement of a product. I researched ingredients and decided conditioner was a bit toxic in composition, and went to Balneol for inspiration. After going over their ingredients, and wanting an improved product, I eliminated their less than friendly ingredients, researched and replaced as needed with what I felt was a better choice, using EU requirements as a guide as well as CA and Canada guidelines.
MSG, MB3 will help you on the go, away from home, as our package is more portable than the Balneol you use, and we have some good things in it that really add to it, other than a name ingredient on the label to impress the latest "fad". (think aloe vera)
(No disrespect to Balneol, as they have been around for over 35 years, I believe, and don't play that game)
We do have cocoa butter in our mix, and this will work on "thethinbrownlines's" hairy butt just as well, with out irritation from over wiping to eliminate the, well..., thin brown line. Wipes have been the staple of the industry for quite some time, and are still batteling with each other for their "piece of the pie" market share, while alternative and more user friendly options exist and are entering the market place. Do you flush your wipes, or put them in your bathroom garbage? Not really good either way.
MB3, it's portable, affordable and effective.
Check out our evaluation on this website in consumer reports, or our website at :

personal hygiene man

personal care for your derriere!

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