Toilet Pages: A Seat For Every Butt In The House

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Well, here's a first. Designer Jan Ctvrtnik may have shared a bathroom with a few sloppy siblings. I imagine the present-day senior industrial designer for Electrolux Home Products as a child, performing The Move after waiting way too long for a turn at the bathroom, only to find the seat is covered in pee a tad too late.

As an answer to this scenario we have the Toilet Pages:

According to the description and picture, there are different seats that can be chosen by the tabs on the right side of the toilet. Up to four different butts can have a seat of their own.

I do not know if the seat is available for sale yet, as it was listed as still being conceptual, so I have no way of giving this seat a test run. Without using it directly, however, I already see some issues with this seat. The first is that more seats means more cleaning. If the person whose seat is above yours is a slob, the chances are, sooner or later, some of his dinge is going to find its way onto your seat, and then your butt. Another issue I see is that there is no guarantee that a male user will lift all the seats to pee, and without being able to use one of these seat systems, we do not even know if the seats stay up on their own. Furthermore, the tabs on the sides of the seats look like troublemakers to me. I wonder how long it would take to stand up, carelessly, and find that my underwear was caught on one of them.

What are your thoughts, Poopreporters?

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The bottom-most seat has got to be sooooo nasty, haha!

The ChrisM virus is incompatible with your current operating system. Your system will now be rebooted into DOS and return to the virus.

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