I Poop You: Shamelessly Plugging Themselves Since 2012

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Last week I received an "anonymous" front page submission about another website that mails poop to the unsuspecting victim of one's choice. Read on; I only cleaned up the punctuation and spelling:

No words. Check this website out. It's not a joke. People can now mail actual animal shit to whomever they want (only in the US)!

A friend of mine got a very nice package at his house the other day. This beautifully wrapped package contained some smelly cow dump inside. There was a card inside with a message that said "You are da shit!" Wow, I said, this is so classy and funny!

Immediately I went to the website www.ipoopyou.com and couldn't stop laughing! I personally loved when I clicked the LinkedIn button. Hahahaha! How they describe the different types of shit... I was very impressed!

Of course I had to order some poop and send it to my friend. Immediately I had a confirmation email and next day I received my tracking number so I could see where my shit was at every moment! As they very well claim, what a professional service! By the way, you can remain completely anonymous if you don't want your victim to know who sent that piece of crap!

I really hope these guys are doing well! I am following them on Facebook and Twitter! Honestly, the posts are genius and so funny! Don't miss the photo albums!

If you have a friend and really want to surprise him or her, don't hesitate anymore and order some dump! They will love it!

Hmmm. I wonder who could have written it. Certainly not someone affiliated with the site...

Being the good sport that I am, I visited www.ipoopyou.com to see how funny the poop descriptions were (which can be viewed here). I guess they are kind of cute, although what made me giggle the most was on the About Us page. I don't know what it is about a cartoon penis, but it gets me every time. The site has no bad blood with the Better Business Bureau, and well, it's just plain funny, so sure, why not? Two brown thumbs up. Send the gift of poop.

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3 Comments on "I Poop You: Shamelessly Plugging Themselves Since 2012"

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Somehow this does not surprise me. When I was young we put it on the front porch lit it on fire rang the door bell and ran. The times they are a changing.

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This is great!

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Custom ordered crap with USPS delivery. Now, if I can only find Shit Romney's campaign headquarters mailing address.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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