Teed Off Turd IV

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(Did you read #1, #2 and #3?)

If you were a super hero one minute and a nothing the next, you'd be depressed, too. You could help make Teed Off Turd a little happier by buying one of his shirts... except we're all sold out. Hey Ass Phlegm, make some more!

Go forth to Teed Off Turd V.

-- Teed Off Turd was written and drawn by Ass Phlegm.

Like Ass Phlegm? He's featured in The Journal of Ass Production!

21 Comments on "Teed Off Turd IV"

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There just has to be more to being a piece of shit than turning white. Surely our friend, TOT, will not spend a White Christmas. That was damned white of, er, Croda, to give our TOT the skinny, who, BTW, is getting to look more and more like a big fat pile every day. Gasp! The suspense is killing me! What will happen next?

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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Hell yeah! I've been waiting forever for this one (ever since I first found PR and read the first three). I hope he doesn't end it all, though. Poor TOT. :-(

Snipe  (formerlay Sniper Wiper)'s picture

He should go around jumping in bad people's mouths.
He could even force his way down and be "born again," each time having absorbed a special power.

George Bush- ability to bullshit the masses with ease
etc etc

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woohoo! We're on the wall! You rock, AP.


the_brown_word's picture

its kinda like that one episode of south park when the film festical came to town and all the extra toilet flushing was ruining mr hankeys natural habitat. He was in a box and all dried up, and then he said "kyle, i put myself in your mouth, and took pictures..." For reals. this really happened.

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What sucks lollypops...your asshole? And by the way "SUX" is spelled "s-u-c-k-s". I love hate mail!

Pooper's picture

This is a descusting website! Me and my friend are laughing because it is so stupid! BA HA HA HA!!

nunyabizz's picture

disgusting yet fascinating. lol i, myself, would be categorized as a shameful shitter,but i find this site highly amusing.

nikolas's picture

dude this is the funniest thing i've ever seen and read

Misery's picture

that is one my top 50 good comics..........

cynthia's picture

I have enjoyed your comics for the last few minutes
there very weird but rear and funny

there all good comics.

The Guy's picture

Only four comics? That's not coincidence, i think that Ass Phlegm was just some bored guy that had nothing to do so he just started writing about a piece of crap. Then he got bored of writing these so he decided to end the series really really fast and find something better to do, so u can count on TOT killing himself, it's all part of the plan...

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I think he is an inspuration to all of us. Brave dareing and.................CORNY.

nathan's picture

i once wrote about a peice of shit it didnt turn out very good but its the thought that counts...i guess,i wanna read more

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I sure cant wait for 6 & 7th ishu of teed off turd's picture

I realy,realy,realy cant wait ware the heck is it

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This just gets better and better.

Rectum Rector
The Church of Poop

The Emir of Crapistan

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not more cliffhangers!!!! MUST.. READ... TEED OFF TURD V!!!!!!!!!!!
Poop on!


Poop on!


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_poop on-poop-off_the amazing crapper! TOT looks like he's showing his age, The corn looks a bit bleached....._____
"show that turd who's boss"

"show that turd who's boss"

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This is my new fave comic, as a comic fan i think this is one of the most best and funnyest comics ever.(KEEP MAKING THE COMICS OR I WILL BE DEPRESSED)lol

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