Teed Off Turd: The Adventures Of One Hot Shit (Part I)

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Teed Off Turd feels that there is more to life than floating placidly down the sewer pipes to
the ultimate end at the treatment plant. Like all of us, he's on a quest for meaning... who knows where it'll take him?

T.O.T. is a comic for PoopReport, by PoopReporters. What happens next? That's up to you -- come discuss it in the forums!

Continue to Teed Off Turd II.

-- Ass Phlegm

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53 Comments on "Teed Off Turd: The Adventures Of One Hot Shit (Part I)"

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j 1000+ points

This is some funny shit (no pun intended) !!!

Pooperscooper's picture

Whats with the pretty yellow speckles TT is wearing? Did his daddy eat corn-on-the-cob?

Justa Girl's picture

Is Teed Off related to Mister Hanky of South Park fame? Every turd is special, every turd is unique and every turd has the right to freedom... rock on, Teed Off!

Scat Woman's picture

Is the blue BooBerry or Frankenturd going to make an appearance?

this is hilarious....visiting poopreport just makes my day.....

Justa Girl's picture

Yeah, I must admit, pathetic as it may be to some of the folks out there who don't understand fecal freaks like us... I love Poop Report. I'm a shameful shitter from waaaaaaaay back... and remain proudly so... but I still indulge in reading the various poop reports and i find an almost sexual joy in what i read... mind you, i said ALMOST!

I usually turn on the computer to play solitaire or return those e-mails that insist that a curse will fall upon me if I don't write within 24 hours and send 3 pints of blood to the original author. Poop report is a refreshing change from the monotony that is my life. Some day I hope to poop in such a way that I will be able to report it. Gotta have a dream!

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l 100+ points

Phlegmmy- Your creation rocks!

Ass Phlegm's picture
PoopReport of the Year Awardl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

Thats for the encouragement Snapper! You are DEFINITELY one of my favorite poopreporters!

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Comment Quality Moderatorl 100+ points

And so it begins...you rock AP!!!

Ass Phlegm's picture
PoopReport of the Year Awardl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

Di, you're one of my favorites too!!

adude's picture

I am amazed at the social commentary you have made here with your contrasting the conformist and the radical. Not only is your comic anti-establishment but so is your protagonist. WOW

Is the anti-hero going to be a weasel turd that does whatever the toilet tells him to do and has no mind of his own?

LOL-----> the corn is cool!

Consider pulling a lettuce or parsely wig on him in future episodes.

Snapper's picture
l 100+ points

phlegmmer- I feel a great sense of joy and fondness with your contributions to poopreport and your poopreporting abilities. A+++.

Seriously. If I had even like a thimble of your creativeness, I'd be incredibly stoked.

sara tevlin's picture

You know, I'm almost as obsessed with this website as I am with shit and cartoons, now they are one. I couldnt be happier, unless of course, I was a poo starring in my own comic. Thanks for "brownening" my day.

Poopcicle's picture

Yeah! Poop rocks!

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Jason Connor's picture

I am a Teed off Turd. I have been packed so hard, I haven't shit in 4 days. I need some HELP. Is there any one out there that can help me. Please call my mobile #.


yes, finally a site I can check out while I sit on the porcelin throne using my laptop as a shpashgaurd.

Good reading material to ploop to while waiting for shit to happen.

terdy's picture

terd is spelled with an "e"!

Lincoln Log's picture

This site is great, I feel like taking a hot, steamy shit in a Fed Ex box and sending it to you people...............keep up the good work!.....

Ass-PukeMAN's picture

That comic was some funny shit.

Ass-PukeMAN's picture

Poop Story

I was walking along a college town street(OU), and came across a dollar bill. "Oh what luck", I said to myself. So like any other poor college kid, I picked it up. Guess what was in the dollar bill... poop... Human Poop... The dorm party on the roof next to me thought they were quite clever. So I exposed the poop and threw it at one of the guy's head. Perfect aim. I never knew I could run that fast.

sara tevlin - sararrhea's picture

Pukeman, my guess is that you lie like a fly with a booger in its eye.

mecca's picture

really how can a turd bounce a question i will ponder for the rest of my life

proud to poop lady's picture

I love it! It's great and has so much potential! go turd go!!

Stare's picture

Yeah it was pretty funny

coleena's picture

moo! You will not sink my cheerio! You pinto beans!!

Gary's picture

Rock on and Shit for Life!

poop's picture

poop is cool

?'s picture


Judy Matre's picture

I just LOVE the poop site

crappyhappypappy's picture

Love your work AP. Keep them coming. I too love the "Corn Tooth. Too much man.

poopascoopa's picture

i like eggs

i luv it wen u call me big poopa's picture

i like corn...and poop...and corn in my poop...therefore...poop rocks!

Brian Lennon's picture

Sara Tevlin has no right to use my saying "you lie like a fly with a booger in it's eye" The nerve of her. She does like her poop. I know this first hand. I'm her pooping partner. Hi Sara

Mr.Happy`Crack's picture

POOP! "Mr.Happy Crack says that a dry crack is a happy crack!" 1-866-happy-crack

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Melissa's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

This is cool

cynthia's picture

the teed off turd RULES !!!!!!!!

Albert's picture

how does the terd have gloves?

Courtney-The-Shit-Loving-Satanist's picture

Turds are so cool! I think I have to shit right now. I love Teed Off, he's totally awesome! AP I wanna fuck you lol! You rock!

Mrs.Shitter's picture

The "Teed of Turds" rocks!!

patrick m. walsh's picture

Turds need love too. LOL.

mott the poople's picture
l 100+ points

LMAO! The expressions are f***in funny! I cant believe I'm laughing at faces on turds! Im gonna get a beer and look at as many links as I can....this is just too damn funny! AP RULES this arena. (!)

Asphincter says WHAT...(!)

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Comment Quality Moderatorj 1000+ points

Awesome! I bought the T-shirt for this character, and did not even know what it was.

Rectum Rector
The Church of Poop

The Emir of Crapistan

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m 1+ points - Newb

This is a great comic. I really like the corn bits!! Teed off Turd is cool!!
Poop on!


Poop on!


turd banned it's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

__WOW, This is some extremely funny shit! Cant wait to get to part #2____
"show that turd who's boss"

"show that turd who's boss"

anon's picture

I wonder what happens to my flushed condoms?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Way off topic, kiddo, but this may answer your question.

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m 1+ points - Newb

I love teed off terd's corn chunks!He sure is cute!I can't wait to see what his next move is?

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