Poop on the Moon?

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We've seen the planting of the flag. We've heard the infamous words. Why did we never discuss the poop?

You can find more neat-o science videos featuring Destin on his YouTube channel Smarter Every Day.

The preceding video was posted this week in an article about things we left on the Moon. Destin from Smarter Every Day shares some information that most Poopreporters know, such as that astronauts poop into little bags attached to their butts. But he also shared something that I did not know, which is in early space exploration the astronauts could choose to attach their wangs to suction devices and pee right out through the wall of the space craft and into space. (According to Destin, they probably chose instead to fill up a little yellow bag first and disengage their wangs before dumping the pee bag outside.)

Furthermore, why did the astronauts leave the poop on the moon?

You'll have to watch the video to find out.

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I doubt that they pissed directly into the vacuum of space via a tube. The pressure difference between the cabin and the void would have been enough to suck the rest of the body through the tube as well. I imagine it would be horrible way to die being squeezed through a 1.5 inch diameter tube, penis first.

On the other hand, considering that their must be some negative pressure in order to guarantee that the urine flow goes away from the monster, it brings up the possibility of a mechanical, vacuum assisted blow job.

I can hear the conversation now. "Commander Armstrong, is everything okay? Your heart rate and blood pressure is going up on our data feeds."

"Everything is nominal, CapCom. I was just taking a piss and, ...uh ...well, I got stuck in The Tube."

Yo quiero Taco Bell.