P Diddy comes out as Pee Diddy: Selfless sharing or a pretext to AQUAhydrate sponsorship?

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Last month we shared Al Roker's story of how he sharted himself at the White House. It's a great time for celebrities to share embarrassing stories involving their nether regions, possibly, for Sean "Diddy" Combs seems to have joined in the fun, and we could not be happier.

Or could we?

While being interviewed on "Ellen" last week, the former J-Lo-bangin', gun-totin' hip-hop mogul admitted that he was a chronic bed wetter in his childhood, blaming his condition on the fact that he never drank water. Kool-Aid, that sugary drink, is the devil that Diddy blamed for the embarrassing condition. His choice to share this information was humbling, to say the least.

Or was it?

Not necessarily. Pee Diddy, you sly dog.

Today Combs and Mark Wahlberg announced a new partnership with AQUAhydrate, a new Gatorade, an anti-hangover, non sugar-having, professional sports team-endorsed, frou-frou electrolyte drink. "Ultra-Purified, Electrolyte-Enhanced, and pH+ Supercharged," AQUAhydrate has Combs gushing uncontrollable from a different opening these days:

“As a brand architect, I am incredibly passionate and equally committed to every aspect of the businesses that I get involved with,” says Combs. “Partnering with AQUAhydrate and Mark is an incredible opportunity for me and I am looking forward to making history in the process. It’s important for me to be part of something that drives me and is constantly pushing the boundaries, and that’s what AQUAhydrate does. Together, we’re going to take AQUAhydrate to the next level.”

And here we thought he might have been sharing his bed-wetting story just to be cool.

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