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British Novelty Company Develops Glow-in
Submitted by daphne
February 26, 2010, 11 Comments

Are you tired of boring toilet paper? Are you feeling like your bathroom might benefit from a Three Mile Island upgrade? Are there eight dollars burning a hole in your pocket? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, click on over to and pick up a Glow Roll or two....

Bog Standard Accommodations
Submitted by Thunderbox
February 9, 2010, 19 Comments

Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, there are thought to be around twenty million migrant workers heading for the big cities in search of employment. The rents are high for these people, and many of them can`t afford proper housing. Ten ingenious folk who moved to Hangzhou have found...

Airline Toilet Terrorism?
Submitted by Thunderbox
December 28, 2009, 19 Comments

Is there a phantom turd terrorist who is causing chaos with airlines, attacking Hong Kong`s Cathay Pacific airline in particular? This far-eastern airline has been plagued recently with a series of clogged plane crappers that have caused great distress to fecally-challenged passengers. In one case...

Green Super Crappers Tackle Criminal Was
Submitted by Thunderbox
November 19, 2009, 20 Comments

Down in Lee`s Summit, Missouri, there`s a secret lab manned by a lone researcher. In a twenty by forty foot windowless, locked room, Audie Murphy, Metcraft Industries` development director, has invented an uber-toilet for use in America`s prisons. This high tech, stainless steel turd dispenser...

Reno Man Kickin' it Old Stool for a
Submitted by daphne
November 3, 2009, 7 Comments

Shannon Peterson does not like to clean up after her two dogs, so when she saw someone on Craigslist was offering to pick up dog poop for a weekly fee per dog, she called him. The man, a recently-unemployed, former pet store owner, had decided to take control over his jobless situation. He now...

The Dangers of Dumping in Durban
Submitted by Thunderbox
October 27, 2009, 12 Comments

South Africa is known as a crime-ridden country; rapes and murders per capita are among the highest in the world. However, you`d think that going for a crap in your workplace restroom would be relatively safe. Not so for poor Rajubi Hasani, who worked in a general store in Durban. He`d been...

Northeast Criminal Packs his own Brown B
Submitted by daphne
September 28, 2009, 32 Comments

James Orr has a checkered past. He’s been convicted of robbery in both Ohio and New York. He has over fifty aliases. He’s currently incarcerated in the Hamilton County jail in Ohio for first degree aggravated robbery and second degree kidnapping. He ate the contents of his colostomy bag in...

Dumping in a D Cup
Submitted by Thunderbox
September 16, 2009, 15 Comments

In yet another flash of recent toilet design craziness, the Kiwis now have somewhat of of a saucy nature on the brain. The latest comes from Wellington. A competition was held between thirty designers from the Studio of Pacific Architecture to draw up plans for a prestigious waterfront public...

To crap, or not to crap, in a bull'
Submitted by Thunderbox
August 26, 2009, 18 Comments

This is the current dilemma in the town of Bulls in New Zealand. Plans have been drawn up for an unusual new public toilet for the town which would cost $226,000. The problem for many of the townsfolk is that the toilet is based on a bull`s ass. The idea would be for people to walk up a tail-...

In parts of India, courtship begins with
Submitted by Thunderbox
August 14, 2009, 35 Comments

In the northern India state of Haryana, men outnumber women -- which gives brides-to-be a lot of leverage in the husband-finding game. The guys are finding it tough to bag a wife as it is, but now there's a phrase being bandied about by future mothers-in-law that makes things even harder: "No...

The poo canoe heads for choppy waters (f
Submitted by IBS NO MORE
July 31, 2009, 11 Comments

Lawrence Toms and Lez Paylor, purveyors of Creative Paper Wales and makers of environmentally-friendly "Sheep Poo Paper", have built a poo canoe. They plan cross the English Channel in it to raise money for charity. The uber-green poo canoe is made from a wooden frame wrapped with three layers of...

Fueding iPhone fart apps: as the swirl c
Submitted by Dave
July 23, 2009, 6 Comments

The fact that PoopReport has survived for almost ten years as the Internet's top poop humor website is pretty amazing, considering how little we've deviated from the formula first pioneered so many years ago. Because in other segments of the poop humor industry, as this video shows, anyone who sits...

Toilet twinning brings bogs to Burundi
Submitted by Thunderbox
July 3, 2009, 10 Comments

A novel idea has brought much-needed relief for Burundi refugees returning to their home province of Rutana after years of exile in Tanzania. Over the past eighteen months, 870 pit latrines -- that is, basic but functional and sanitary outdoor toilets -- have been erected in this remote part of...

Art commemorates 15 years of hiding in L
Submitted by Thunderbox
June 16, 2009, 12 Comments

The Lebanese civil war broke out on April 13th, 1975, and didn't end until 1991. To commemorate these fifteen miserable years, Lebanese artist Nada Sehnaoui set up an unusual exhibition, which opened on April 13th last year in downtown Beirut. Her idea came from a phrase routinely used by the...

In the Antarctic, following the trail of
Submitted by IBS NO MORE
June 9, 2009, 43 Comments

Scientists who have been trying to find a good way to track Emperor penguin colonies at the South Pole have finally stumbled upon -- or stepped in -- the most awesome method: follow the poop. Funny thing about penguin poop: it can be seen from space! When the penguins stay on the ice to breed, they...

The dog that eats poop and poops food
Submitted by El Scumbag
June 4, 2009, 20 Comments

Yes, so Rover likes to eat poop occasionally, but do we really need reminding of the fact? According to those wacky Japanese, we do, because the hottest new gadget for discerning dog owners is The Sum: a robotic composting can shaped like a dog. Rover opens his mouth, and in goes up to 600g of...

Fired for Un-Australian bung cleansing
Submitted by Thunderbox
May 26, 2009, 34 Comments

What's the world -- or, more accurately, Australia -- coming to when a man can't clean out his ringpiece without being sacked? This is exactly what's happened to Amador Bernabe, a Filipino working in a Townsville engineering works. Mr. Bernabe went to the work's toilet to relieve himself of some...

Brick a shit
Submitted by El Scumbag
May 13, 2009, 28 Comments

If you've ever thought that the place where you lived was shit, spare a thought for those living in new housing projects in Indonesia, as their houses may actually be constructed from it. Students from Indonesia's Prasetiya Mulya Business School have just won the 2009 Global Social Venture...

American buttocks: wiping the forests ba
Submitted by Thunderbox
May 8, 2009, 35 Comments

The tenderness of American bottoms is being blamed for environmental devastation. It's their love of soft toilet paper -- call it The Charmin Effect -- that is the problem. Although there is a percentage of recycled material that goes into the manufacturing of arse-wipe, the softness and strength...

Go with The Flo: the toilet of 2030?
Submitted by El Scumbag
May 6, 2009, 21 Comments

This incredible-looking device could well be the toilet of the future. The Flo Toilet might look like one of those foreign squat toilets with a contemporary makeover, but it has health benefits: it enables one to combine a toilet visit with yoga exercises, helping to build and develop back and...

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