Ask Poopreport: There's An Undigested Pill In My Stool!


"Cathy" asks:

Today,after going Number Two, I noticed something in my stool. It was a small, green, and shaped like a capsule.

I take pills in morning, every morning, and I think that this is what I saw. Why did it not dissolve in my body? Did I get the full effect from that pill?

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I would ask a question in return -- If the pill was undigested, then how could if have any effect?

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Ordinarily a capsule is made of an easily soluble substance so that your stomach acid dissolves it quickly and completely. If that didn't happen, you presumably did not get the benefit of the medication inside the capsule. Questions: (a) Do you actually take a capsule that looks like that (i.e., can you identify the medicine)? (b) Did you take it with plenty of water? (c) Did you actually feel it go down, or might it have gotten stuck partway? (d) Did you take any other pills at the same time, and did any of them also reappear in your poop?

I take pills by the gross, it seems, and some of them are not cheap, so I am concerned if I see any of them again. Fortunately, I don't; I have seen whole pills in my poop maybe once or twice in my life, nowhere near enough to worry about. If your pill reappearance is unique or very rare, it's likely an anomalous event; if it recurs fairly frequently, you should ask your doctor about it.

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You can take pills and pass them undigested. Dear heart, if this is the case, there's future for you muling balloons of heroin across the border for the Zetas.

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I wonder if their is a different smell associated with cocaine or heroin that has been smuggled into the country up an asshole? Is this the origin of the term "good shit"?

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