Ask Poopreport: Am I Recovering From My Appendectomy?


Blitz,who just had surgery, wrote to us today. If anyone had an appendectomy, please chime in!

Hello everyone. Hope you're all pooping well!

I had a laparoscopic appendectomy three days ago, and I've been on a few pain killers and antibiotics since then. I started eating yesterday, but I have been to the toilet like ten times. Is it normal to have very dark brown diarrhea right after this surgery, or am I bleeding internally?

Editor's note: We found a few great sites for information regarding this issue, which could be serious:

From the website of surgeon Rolando Rolandelli, M.D., we found a page of post-operatove instructions and concerns for a laparoscopic appendectomy. Near the bottom of the page, Dr. Rolandelli tells the reader that "diarrhea or loose stools are common for the first week or two after surgery, but if you have watery diarrhea, call your surgeon. This may be a sign of a bowel infection."

On the University of San Diego's website one can find a pdf. page of post-operative instructions for a laparoscopic appendectomy. This sheets tells the reader that while occasional loose stools are not uncommon after such a procedure, constant watery diarrhea accompanied by a fever is something to be checked out by a physician; the patient might have an infection.

Finally, an entire litany of questions about recovering from a laparoscopic appendectomy can be found, along with responses from Dr. Buck, on this JH Surgery web page.

Now remember -- we are not medical professionals. (We are pooping professionals.) It's always best to call your doctor when you are in doubt about the matter coming out of your pooter hole. We hope that you are feeling better, Blitz, and that you have a speedy recovery!

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I had an appendectomy way back in 1964, it was not a laparoscopic appendectomy but in keeping with medical practices of the day was made through an incision that was large enough for the entire surgical team to stick their arms into my abdominal cavity up to their elbows, or at least it seemed to be that large.

I was kept on an IV and given painkillers for several days and had no diarrhea at all, I had constipation. It was about four days before I was able to strain hard enough to blast out the plug that had my asshole blocked. I thought I was going to pop all the stitches during the process but finally I blasted out the cork that was holding back what was probably the foulest shit that ever came from my body.

Remembering that I am not a doctor I can give you the following personal observation. I had a bout of internal bleeding a couple of years back and my poop was not dark brown, it was black and tarry. I would guess that you might have some bleeding if you are passing dark brown turds but only your doctor can tell for sure. Get medical help right away, a doctor can determine in a matter of minutes whether or not you are passing blood in your stool.

I was taking the blood thinner warfarin when my incident occurred. The VA Hospital considered it serious enough that I was sent to the ER to be checked and then immediately hospitalized. Good luck to you.

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The grim reaper was knocking at my room door just before my emergency appendectomy back in 95. It had been misdiagnosed and I was close to taking the dirt nap by the time it was discovered. The surgeon was still not sure about the cause, or outcome, but I distinctly remember him saying, "we're going to cut until we find something". That really put my mind at ease. I don't remember any problems other than the extreme pain when I tried to poop. The hospital would not let me go until I had a BM, and I even tried bribing my wife into smuggling someone else's turd in for me. Sorry I can't be of much help, but that's what doctors are for. If you need some advice on adjusting the fuel injectors on a Detroit Diesel engine, maybe I can help.

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I have not had a laparoscopic appendectomy, but I have had two bowel resection surgeries done by laparoscope, and the procedure is the same. Two small incisions are made, One in the navel and one in the pubic area, about a centimeter apiece. A CO2 tank is used to expand the abdominal cavity through one incision, and the other is used to insert the fiber optic scope and the surgical instruments. One thing I distinctly remember after being discharged for both surgeries is the nurse really driving home the point that if i had a change in bowel habits that resulted in black, tarry stools, if my poop looked like coffee grounds, if I barfed up anything that looked like coffee grounds or smelled like sulphur, or just felt like something "wasn't right" to call my doctor immediately. I think you should certainly call your gp and just touch base with them and make sure that everything is okay. And let us know too! We Poopreporters wish you all the best. Hope you feel better soon.

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