Ask PoopReport: How Do I Find A Pooping Middle Ground?


Today we received an email from someone who needs some advice. She wrote the following:

I used to not poop but maybe 3 times a week.

Soon after I diagnosed with PTSD, I started to gain weight. Didn't matter what I did. I kept gaining and now I can't loose the weight, which lead me to this question: Now that I am fat--probably 150 pounds more than I should be--as soon as I eat, five minutes later I have to rush to the bathroom. It is not necessarily diarrhea, but it not firm. Kinda like a cow patty. The odd thing is I don't eat cheese that often, but when I do this does not happen; instead I become constipated. My stomach hurts to the point when I put ice packs on it to help with the pain. The pain can come constipation or with the cow pile.


Do any readers have suggestions for this poor girl?

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If you have a PTSD diagnosis, I would hope that you are still in touch with the medical health care provider who gave you this diagnosis. If you can, give him or her a call and find out if there is any medication that doctors prescribe for gastrointestinal distress for PTSD patients. Sometimes people with certain disorders receive specific types of medication to help with side effects of their disorder. For example, I know that PTSD medications can include Prazocin, one medication used to combat sleep issues, like insomnia or bad dreams. Most PTSD sufferers have nightmares, sleep issues, and suffer horrific feedback when exposed to stimuli that remind them of their near-death or life-threatening experience.

I would suggest reading the following two pages to start:

If you notice on the second page, it is mentioned that IBS can be aggravated by dairy products. My gut instinct is that your PTSD has given you a bit of IBS, and as these two pages show, the two disorders are linked.

A big hug to you. My daughter suffers from an anxiety disorder, and we have been through a great deal related to it. You might not believe me, but with a little work it does get better.

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