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The past couple of months I've been having a fear of pooping myself in public. I don't know when it first happened, but it seemed like it appeared out of nowhere. and it's extremely terrifying. I've start sweating profusely, twitching a lot, and then I have to keep shifting my body weight or else I think the poop will come out.

The catch? Half the time I don't actually have to go. I feel like it's all mental. I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with a General Anxiety Disorder years back like when I was probably ten. I stopped going to a therapist years ago and I've seemed to contradict my diagnosis in the past years. I became the class president, and I frequently had to speak in public. It's never been a problem before. I've always been fine. I really don't know what triggered it because I've never actually crapped myself in public.

Now with school starting, I'm constantly thinking about this feeling during class. Without exaggeration, I must say that I can't focus at all, and every period I have to ask to go to the bathroom. It's embarrassing as all hell. Sometimes I think I even let some out, so I'm afraid to stand up. Luckily, every time I get to bathroom, nothing has come out.

There was one time I was in public with a group of people. I had a terrible sensation that I had actually crapped myself. I felt it go down my legs. In my head, I thought everyone smelt something and I convinced myself that everyone was walking away from me. After about a half hour I realized that they were just trying to get to some shade and I hadn't actually crapped myself at all.

It's become a real problem. Now I'm afraid to go to school or even out in public. The cause might be stress but I don't really know. Whenever someone sniffs I think that person smells something. I legitimately think I'm going insane because of it. Without fail it happens every day in school. Every time I leave my house I have to go to the bathroom at least twice, and I'm afraid to wear light-colored clothing. In my house I'm fine, and even sometimes with my friends I'm fine.

I need help real soon because I have my SATS and ACTS coming up, and I already know I'm going to go insane during them. Seeing a therapist is kinda out of the equation, and there's no way in hell I'm telling my parents. If anyone has any advice that would be great. I just started taking digestive medication. I'll see if that works.


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Just shit yourself. You may just realize it's not the end of the world. Almost everyone is going to shit themselves in their adult lives, so get used to that fact and stop wasting your time on useless thoughts.

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Your choices are simple--see a therapist or live a life of hell thinking you are about to be/or are coated in your own feces.

I know what I'd choose!

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Hey, Bart. I had the same problem too. Generalized Anxiety Disorder can be really rough on your gut, because you're internalizing a lot of unexpressed emotion (anger/sadness) and your body feels the need to get it out yesterday. Hence, the sudden need to go, and go in the worst way.

My suggestion? Work out at least 30 mins at the gym before your tests, and before any social situation which may make you nervous. By doing so, you rob your body of the nervous energy it uses to make you feel "anal explosive." To get rid of the nervous energy completely, you should talk about it with a good therapist so you can treat the cause and not the symptom. (You may even have an "gotta go" episode during a happens all the time.)

Best of luck on your tests, sir!

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Why is seeing a therapist out of the equation? Based on your story, this is clearly all in your head. As somebody who suffers from general anxiety and OCD, this is classic obsession. Talk to a therapist and get help. You aren't a freak. You can get over this.

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Stop ingesting bad LSD...find a new source.

Somethin' mysterious made an exit from the gift shop.

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Bart, there are three things you can do to help yourself eradicate this problem.

First: When you're suffering the anxiety of feeling like you've let something slip, try to remember that you have felt like this before but it has never actually happened. Second: Try eating carbs and proteins at separate meals. Third: Increase daily intake of fruits and veggies.

Mental clarity is one of the first improvements that happens when we practice Regenerative Eating, which encompasses the food suggestions listed above. Reversal of most if not all other health problems follows soon afterward.

Learn more at

When you say the word “poop,” your mouth makes the same motion your butthole does when pooping…
The same can be said for the phrase “explosive diarrhea.”

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Take heart, Bart, for you shall not shart.

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Keep a record of when you actually do poop; see what times of day it happens, or how close it is to a meal or other scheduled activity. Once this record is established, you can say to yourself, "I already pooped at [time], so I shouldn't have to go again till [day, time]." That might help you reason yourself into a more rational frame of mind.

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I too struggle with anxiety, and while I'm not afraid that I'll crap myself in public, I have other irrational fears like yours and I'm working on getting rid of them. The most important thing you can do for yourself is figure out why you're afraid of crapping yourself, then work past that instead of the symptoms you're experiencing - in other words, target the cause, not the effect. For me, it was childhood trauma, but I only figured this out by talking to a psychologist. I was reluctant to see one, but I'm so glad I finally did.

You mention that you can't tell your parents about your situation. I would recommend that you tell them no matter how embarrassing it is - after all, they're there for you and they love you - but if you absolutely can't, is there another adult you can talk to that you trust? No one should have to live this way. I hope you can get some help before things get worse. Good luck.

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Seriously, face your fears.
Shit yourself.
And, if you have the nerve, piss your pants while giving a presentation in front of a large number of people.

The ChrisM virus is incompatible with your current operating system. Your system will now be rebooted into DOS and return to the virus.

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You fear crapping your pants?

Basically, that's the common element of all poop humor and since all humans laugh at poop, I'd say it's a pretty universal thing. Why do you think PoopReport exists? Fear of pants shitting is why. There could be no fart jokes without it.

That said, lighten up and get a life. Say you did actually crap your pants? How bad could it possibly be vs enduring everything you're doing to avoid the possibility? Add up all of the hours you've stayed home, all of the parties you've missed and all of the pussy you could have had if you were in the game vs. the number of times that you actually shit yourself?

Go see "Bridesmaids". They survived so will you.

Now quit whining.

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I had to shit one time in public and this girl walked in on me once >.>

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I seem to be suffering from the same thing, every time I go outside or generally into another area outside my home, my stomach cramps and the sensation of crapping myself floods in.
No idea what triggered this but it's a persistent phenomena. You're not alone.

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My 22 year old son suffers from this problem also, it doesn't get better without some serious therapeutic sessions. Go now, why continue to suffer? My son was mortified to tell me this was happening and in the interim he failed all of his college courses and became a recluse because of it. Help is available, seek it. OCD needs to be understood and can be managed with professional help, if you don't get help it will continue to get worse over time.

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I have been going through this for three years, I went to speak with someone while I was pregnant to help and it did for a bit. Now I have a child and its all I think about and I am wanting another. So now I will go back and start talking with someone at least once a month. This is harder for me than anything else I have had to do. No one understands why I can't just crap myself. Hope you get help!

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It is an anxiety disorder, not OCD and is very very common. Medications and therapy can be a quick remedy, or just therapy will take a bit longer but give you the same result. Dont shit yourself in public, this will not cure the issue!

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Have you gotten over your fear?

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I am 30 years old and I actually did have an upset stomach once and could not make it in time to the bathroom and I had a terrible accident. After that, I could not go out in public without feeling that I needed to go. I used to get panic attacks and feel anxious about it all the time. I started to see a therapist who treated with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and I feel 100% again. This is treatable and it's all in your mind. They teach you to continue to face your fears and how to change your thinking. Exercise also helps a lot to relieve the anxiety. Hope this helps.

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You igNorant cunt this person is asking for help not this kind of unhelpful response.

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Dear Anonymous, You spelled ignorant wrong you stupid shit. People who want serious help should visit a website devoted to medical advice rather than one based on poop humor.

Now, fuck off and have a nice day.

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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So sad to see so many mean responses, but very encouraging to see so much apathy too. I also have the same issue & I carry around a change of clothes & wipes, etc. just in case. I've never had an accident, but that bag is like my little security blanket. All the suggestions given here (the serious ones) sound helpful too, so I'll try those also! I know some people think it's a joke, but I know it's not & my heart goes out to you. I would also encourage you to speak to your parents also. Anxiety is inherited & although they might not have this same exact issue, they can probably relate. Good luck (((hugs)))

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We have the same problem. When I'm thinking of it, I'm already feeling that I need to poop and I do not know if it is a type of phobia. Until now I'm experiencing it . Actually a while ago me and my family went on an outing and, I don't know why, but it just came out that I needed to go to the bathroom . And I'm also afraid to enter more in my class. I thought I'm the only person with a condition like this. I NEED A SOLUTION! the doctor said , my digestive system is working too fast so she gave me a medicine that will make the movement in my digestive system slower. But it doesn't help me.

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I have the same exact problem except my stomach Gets very upset when I'm not near a bathroom or I know that a bathroom is far away or closed, it's ruined my life. I can't travel more then 20 mins in a car :( going on a camping trip tomorrow and it's a long drive, wish me luck. I hope u figure this out. Try breathing exercises, sounds pointless but it's really helps me also "Rock Rose Drops," expensive but works great to calm me down and lasts months.

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Bart, I am in the same boat and words cant help here. You can go on med and get your life back at some price(side effects which will be way better than your suffering). Or try to live in the present, don't think about the future not even the next minute just don't.

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I have the same problem, which I suffer from like 9 years, I been in therapy 3 years ago and I faced old therapist which all the time wanted me to talk to my dad. finally after 3 months I done with it and here I am with the same problem, I dropped out of college. Maybe meds will be the solution.

BART, I'm very interested to know what are you feeling now and give some tip.

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I have had the same problem for a few months now and it is ruining my life. I am on anxiety medication but I keep thinking when I leave the house, will I poo myself? It's a horrible feeling.

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I know how you feel. I sort therapy and my therapist told me That the feeling would pass and to just breathe deeply. It does work and the feeling passes in about a minute. I feel for you all as it is a terrible feeling and you feel as though you are the only one in the world it is happening to. Good luck. Hope this helps

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This exact thing has changed my life so much. I'm a professional performer (music), twenty-four years old and I have to go twice or three times before I leave the house, even for a brief walk into town, or get in the van for a gig, or just go out socializing. It's taken me months of trawling the internet to find people who posted EXACTLY what I'm feeling. After speaking to a friend one night who, I suppose, "came out" as OCD to me, we both got super excited that we weren't alone in feeling various weird behavioral problems and though I didn't mention this "poop anxiety", I was able to understand the links to the " obsessive" part of it. I realized then it's all in my head which has helped a wee bit.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone has the same problem, but I haven't had sex in like two years because of this, even though I've had countless opportunities. I'm honestly not bragging, I'm just saying how much it has changed my life, especially being a man in a society where men are meant to be all "fuck yeah, sex! Fuck everything that moves" and having your male and female friends constantly saying "dude, why didn't you go home with her, she was so into you!" And girls saying "What's wrong with you, are you taking me home or what? Man up and make a decision!" (Actually honestly said to me a few times), and having to try come up with different excuses.

The moment a girl takes the conversation down a sexual route I have to make it seem like I'm not interested in her, even if I really am. Which isn't fair on her either because she went out on a limb and got turned down which makes me feel (and look) like an asshole. As she might feel it's her looks or personality when it's really just my own anxiety and she actually is very beautiful and sweet.

Sorry for the long post. Must have just needed to get that out I guess. So, thanks for reading if you did. I'm looking forward to any comments or advice you might find worked for you.

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You are not alone. I have had this problem my whole life and it's not going away. I'v gone to a lot of therapy sessions but yet I'm not feeling better. I'm 27 years old and just want to have a normal life. I thought I was the only one to have this problem but now I seem to be one of thousands who have this problem..

I also have ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and Asperger's syndrome so the doc. thought this phobia was from all these mixes I have. When I started to go to a therapist who hypnotized me, we discovered that this phobia grounds from my childhood.

I've never felt normal since I was a child I've had this problem but it's been worse the last few years. I hate it and it ruins my life. What I have done so I can feel a little bit of safeness is to take meds for diarrhea, and always have toilet paper with me.

You can also eat less when you know that you are going to do something out side your home. And don't eat fat things, only fruits and vegetables.

In Sweden where I lives we have a disorder that's called IBS, and I think I might have that too. It's a disorder that makes your stomach very sensitive and you must go on a very strict diet. Don't know what you call it in other countries but in Sweden we call it IBS. Might be worth it to read about that disorder?

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I have the same problem and I work in an environment that requires multiple meetings in board rooms with people that I would be very embarrassed to poop my pants in front of. Just today my companies CEO was giving a big presentation to the whole company and I had to leave in the middle of it because my stomach went into spastic convulsions...I went to the toilet and released a combo of gas and poop.
I've recently started with medicinal marijuana which when ingested (eaten rather than smoked) has helped greatly. The problem is I can't be stoned at work all the time so I don't know what to do. I have constant hemorrhoids from always going to the toilet and trying to poo. I always book aisle seats on planes because I need to be able to get out to poop. Just don't know what to do. It's very depressing.

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If you are scared of pooping yourself in public, wear an adult diaper, that way if you do poop yourself, no one will know, it will feel warm, it will feel like warm mashed banana in your pants, you also have the option to take chlorophyll pills to get rid of the poop smell, (takes 2 weeks for them to work) and you have 17 minutes before the smell get out of the diaper to find a place to change.

I would suggest buying a radar key for the disabled toilets if you decide to follow this advice, as disabled bathrooms are bigger.

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I have been dealing with this same issue for over 15 years. It so debilitating that I have had to quit good career jobs, give up on past relationships (thank heavens my wife is quite understanding), caused me to miss out on my children's important events, limited places I would love to go, and has utterly destroyed my life. I won't go on trains, light rails, long trips, be around attractive people, places where bathrooms aren't available, have a regular change of clothes on me at all times,or ride in car with others because I have to drive in the event that I need to pull off the road to use the bathroom. If I'm ever put in an uncomfortable situation, I will lie or do anything to avoid it at all cost. Shitting my pants is the only thing on my mind 24/7. The problem that this is a vicious cycle that perpetuates itself. I'm nervous about pooing my pants which causes nerves that upsets and spasms my insides, making me need to defecate. It's like living in hell. My friend, you are not alone in this battle. What makes matters worse, I'm an addict in recovery (go figure why I would turn to CNS depressants), and cannot take addicting medications because that will ruin my 5 years of sobriety. If anyone out there has a solution that goes beyond cognitive behavioral therapy or has had good medication results for this same problem, I'd love to know. Thanks for everyone willingness to come forward about this matter. You have made me feel like I'm not alone.

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Wow! This has helped me so much! I have severe anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, all of that good stuff. My lips are awful from where I pick them, my body shakes, my chest pounds I always feel like I'm having a heart attack. I have IBS and all of these things have made my life pretty difficult. I'm practically a hermit crab these days, it's just easier to avoid everything and everyone but it's certainly no way to live:/. I take hyoscyamine sulfate for my IBS and klonezepam, vistaril, Benadryl, melatonin, trazadone, I think that's about it out of my anxiety calming meds. Definitely talk to a therapist that truly knows and cares about their jobs and clients. I promise there's a remedy just hang in there! Don't let it drain you anymore! :)

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First, I want to say to those, who have commented negatively to this young guy: you should seriously be more compassionate as every person has their own battles; this guy was brave enough to post about something this intimate and you have the power to make his day just a little bit better by simply listening and being compassionate. This could just as easily be you one day. SO, BACK TO THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE: I am literally crying as I type this. I know exactly how you feel. I want to say there is hope. I, myself, have been going through this for a year and I am actually pretty depressed by it. I am a 22 year old college student and I am a senior now and I'm having trouble now in my last year of school and no one I know understands. I have anxiety now as well. It is so frustrating, but I can say I have gotten better by my own efforts. Have you tried Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (It really does help a lot!)? Have you tried Synergy's Probiotics (I bought these on Amazon and these are the best Probiotics I have found to date)? Also, drink lots of water as I feel that helps me AND peppermint tea helps to calm an upset stomach. Just know, it is not a lack of acid that is the problem, which is what the medical community usually says (in regards to IBS)- the problem is too little stomach acid (which is why ACV works)---IM JUST GIVING YOU RANDOM TIDBITS that I will I knew when I was at my worst. I've came across from OTC meds to chinese herbs and I have gotten relatively better, but my system is def not all the way normal, yet. It is progress, though, as my condition and fight with IBS nearly killed me. I want you to not give up because I have thought about doing the same on many nights, but I keep fighting. If you ever need someone to talk to who understands or if I can help you with this in anyway, let me know ( Also, if anyone has any tips or anything that has helped you, I'm all ears :)

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I'm a girl and I don't know if you are by I find wearing a thin pad does help...but I would talk to the school nurse..

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I have gone a couple MONTHS without pooping in fear that it will be insanely painful and uncomfortable. You are not alone.
I have lost dozens of pounds and cannot seem to gain weight given the fact that I'm carrying dozens of toxins at a 10x level considering I go weeks and months without even having the sensation of having to poop. My gastric nerve is so fucked up that, once I clear the month or so's worth of shit out of my intestinal track, it takes ANOTHER month for it to signal to my brain that I have to shit. I probably have 12 pounds of shit inside of me right now. I'm 19 years old and my life is HELL because of it. I probably have some form of constipation related gastric nerve failure. I need medical help but my ego is too large for me to tell anyone about my issue. I'll probably die.

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This is ruining my life also... at least i am not alone.. but i can't enjoy life anymore, i can't enjoy EATING anymore , i always thinnk what if this food gives me diarrhea and i will shit myself?? i think we have the worst fear of all fears guys...this fear is going with us EVERYWHERE..its horrible , its terrifiyng.. i don't know how much more i can take of this stress ..

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Well i have this kind of problem too But mine is a little different... My problem is that after i eat,i have the feeling of pooping and the is so embarrassing especially when you're on date.. So i did a test with my uncle and here is what we do
1st he told that i will eat and then he will occupy the cr or wc. So i follow his instructions that i will not think of pooping while im eating so my anxiety won't attack me... So in the middle of the test i feel that my stomach is aching but i think about happy memories especially the day when im not like this... So after that test i don't feel this kind of thing anymore... I hope this would help and sorry for the grammar haha..

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I have this as well. And I'm a psychiatric nurse. Which is the biggest irony of all since I help people with anxiety every day.

Now, mine has gotten much better. The mornings are the worst for me and by mid morning it's pretty much gone.

It all started after I pooped my self on the third date with my now husband (oh yes he married me any way :D). Turned out I was lactose intolerant and we ate the biggest ice cream that night.

What has helped me is:

1. Not over eating and eating on the same time. I eat 3 meals a day, rarely snack. I've also gone vegan which has helped.

2. Realize it's anxiety and letting it out in a different way. Cry, hum, yell, use a stress ball and say it out loud. Admit it. I know it sounds scary, but people are usually very understanding and empathetic.

3. Have a good routine. Now as said before, I am a nurse so I work shifts, which makes a routine basically impossible. But sleeping the same hours, getting up at the same time helps.

4. Exercise. Exercise is literally the best remedy for treating any psychiatric illness. It makes you feel better and best of all (in our cases) keeps the bowels working and healthy.

Good luck to you all. It can get better. I'm proof :)

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Omg I have the same problem I can't go anywhere without pooping, no matter how long it takes, I never eat at school because I always have a feeling that I will shit my pants and I can never go anywhere where there isn't a washroom. This problem started in the 5th grade when I shit my pants, after that day I have always have that fear of pooping myself I don't know why this is happening I hate this, it is fucking up my life and I can't have fun.

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