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A fellow animal lover writes in about his dog's annoying habit:

This is about my dog, not me. Since it involves poop maybe you can help me out anyway. My dog is a 40-pound mutt-type dog. He looks like a beagle mix. He is house-trained and is a real good dog except for two bad habits he has. First, he likes to eat my socks, so I have to keep them out of reach. Second--and where you guys come in--he likes to eat my girlfriend's long hair. I think he finds it on the floor or in our bed or in the bathroom trash.

The problem happens when he poops. The hair takes its good old time coming out. Sometimes he drags his butt on the grass, but most of the time I have to end up grabbing it and pulling it out of his butt. Before you get all uppity, I don't pull hard in case I might hurt him. I know that's bad. Sometimes he also runs around the house upset because poop is hanging onto his butt by the hair.

Is there anything I can do to stop him from doing this, and is there anything I can give him to help him pass the hair easier? My vet wasn't any help.

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Dump your girl. Job sorted

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I would think you could feed him something like canned pumpkin or carrots and cheese...those might help bind up the hair in there and help him pass it more easily.

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If you girl is losing hair in such quantity I surmise that she will soon be bald and the problem will be solved.

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Our Carlton does this every once in a while, but not often. When he does have poop on a hair, I have to grab a leaf or something and make sure the last bit of hair comes out. I know he's done this because he'll walk all over the yard with his ass tucked in, like he's pooping, but he's not pooping.

We are baffled as well. My only advice is to run the sweeper often and to ask you girlfriend to take the hair she's cleaned out of her hairbrush and put it into a wad of toilet paper. Either that or get a covered waste basket?

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With cats, you can give them a finger scoop of petroleum jelly orally every now and then, it will ease the passage of the hair as the jelly is not broken down by the body. I expect the same would apply for a dog. You can also go the increased fiber route to make sure things pass smoothly. Hair can compact in the stomach forming a hairball that may cause serious issues. Good luck!!

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If you toss a beach ball(gently) at a dog while it's taking a crap, it'll take off running with a turd hanging off of its bum.

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