Ask PoopReport: Son Needs Help Cleaning Mom's Nails


A very sweet person wrote it today asking for help with him mother:

My mum has dementia and depression. Psychiatrists tell me it is common for depressed dementia patients to play with their poop. She gets it under her nails and it is difficult to clean out by normal means as she is very sensitive and fidgety. I am looking towards soaking her fingers and nails to make the whole cleaning process less traumatic for her. I was wondering if the PoopReport community had any recommendations for an easy effective nail cleaning regime, preferably one that minimised the time for actual nail file work. In Mum's mind her nails are perfectly clean anyway, so she is not cooperative. Maybe there is a more effective soaking agent than warm soapy water. Any suggestions?

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I hate to pigeonhole your mom, but since she is a woman, would she like the idea of a manicure soak? Maybe you could put some Nolvasan into a bowl with something that smells good and then give her a cuticle trim? I have no idea if she would enjoy the idea of being pampered in this way.

Love to you for taking care of your mom, by the way.

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Let me start by offering my sympathies. I've been where you are with my Mother. It's a tough row to hoe. However, this isn't going to last forever so enjoy it while you can.

First, keep the nails cut short, if you can manage that. Second, when she goes to the bathroom, remind her to use toilet paper, or better yet, hang a sign in there in direct line of sight from the toilet seat. Third, if she'll let you, maybe you can supervise/monitor her in the bathroom with her. Fourth, if she's there yet, maybe she'll let you wipe her butt for her.

Fifth, she'll be forgetting not only how to wipe her ass under any circumstances and possibly even forgetting how to use the toilet. Pretty soon, poop under the fingernails will be a thing of the past because you will have to change her diapers. If you start getting used to that idea now, it need not be so traumatic when the time comes.

I did that for my Mother. As I have discovered the "Onerousness" of the chore is mostly a matter of perception. I had to change my son's diapers and that was actually a fun activity for the both of us. The only difference is that Mom was an adult. Get some good music or a recorded book that both of you like, talk some shit with her, etc.

Oh, yeah, as her personality melts away, that whole uncooperativeness/combativeness will come to an end. In the end, she will be completely dependent on you for everything, just like an infant. After all, that's what dementia/Alzheimer's is all about: human development in reverse.

I know. I went through this with my own mother, gawd rest her soul. You have my sympathies.

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You are a Saint Deja and deserve recognition for the noble care you provided for your mom. We were lucky in my home and my old maid aunt, who lived with us and attained the age of 97, as well as my mother who made it to 100 were mentally alert right up to the end.

Something that has helped me immensely in keeping my own fingernails clean is a small brush with very short bristles that are set at an angle. A regular fingernail brush is not nearly as effective because the bristles don't go under the nails well. I must keep my nails extraordinarily clean because I must use a urinary catheter several times each day and don't need to be introducing bacteria into my urinary tract.

Good luck to you anonymous, you are a saint also.

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